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    ID CS5 on Mac 10.5.8 can't run java scripts from User folder

    E Diane King Level 3

      I seem to have a problem with my java scripts in ID on my Mac. I store them in my user scripts folder, but while I can run any applescripts in the folder, doubleclicking on any of the java scripts gets me exactly nothing. If I open the scripts in Extend Script Toolkit and run them from there, they will work, but I can't run them from within ID. The scripts in the Sample Script folder work. I've tried changing the script extentions, I've opened them in the toolkit and resaved them. Still no response at all when I doubleclick on them in the scripts panel. Any idea what could be wrong? I can run the same scripts from within ID on my Windows laptop, so I don't think the scripts themselves are at fault. In fact, I just moved them into the Sample scripts folder, and they run with no problem. Does the User script folder just not work?