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    Air 3.2 - iOS languages

    BaronKarza Level 1

      Hello there,

      If i was not wrong, I've read some time ago that in Air 3.2 there would have been a fix for the multiple languages problem on iOS.

      That is that at last I can specify what are the languages supported without having to "re-sign" the package after deleting the ".lproj" directories of the unsupported languages (only doable from Mac).

      I've just overlayed Air3.2 over Flash CS5.5 and then I recreated the .ipa file.

      I've looked into it and I still see the ".lproj" directories of the unsupported languages.

      Where am I wrong?

      Have I to add some new lines In the "main-app.xml" ?

      Thanks in advance



      P.S. Another question: does anyone here knows if in Flash CS6 we have to overlay manually AIR when a new AIR version comes out?

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          AIR 3.2 does now have support for displaying the proper iOS language on the App Store.

          You need to include the follwing tag in your -app.xml to support only English. It should be included immediately after your ending </initialWindow> tag.




          If you want to support multiple languages, IIRC you include them all in  the same tag each separated by a space.


          Here are some additional details (also read people's comments at the end of the page):



          I don't know the answer to your CS6 question.

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            Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            If you don't change the languages in the app descriptor xml, does it then load all languages, or just English? I'll know myself soon, an app I made is "waiting for review", and it was made with AIR 3.2, but I didn't set the languages in the xml.


            About CS6, I can make an educated guess that the situation will remain the same as with CS5.5, with regard to adding newer versions of AIR, when they exist.

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              AirDoctrine2 Level 1

              Not sure what happens when you leave out the <supportedLanguages>en</supportedLanguages> tag.


              I added that tag and my app update was accepted today by Apple. It is now showing up as supporting English only in the App Store for the first time. Yay!

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                BaronKarza Level 1

                Thanks to everyone,

                I've just done what you described and it worked very well.


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                  AirDoctrine2 wrote:


                  Not sure what happens when you leave out the <supportedLanguages>en</supportedLanguages> tag.


                  If you omit the tag, it might seem logical to expect that the App Store would go by the choice you made for "Default Language" iTunes Connect, prior to uploading your binary.


                  Unfortunately, that does not happen.  Instead, omitting the tag causes all languages to be dumped into your app's description (currently English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish).


                  Unless you are planning to support all of those languages in your app, it's probably best to specify the <supportedLanguages> tag in your application xml!

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                    OMA2k Level 1

                    What's the real difference between listing all of the languages or only the supported ones? Your app is not listed for users of the unsupported languages? I hope not, because sometimes we get new customers which use languages still unsupported in our app, and then we add localizations for their language after subscribing to our service. Would it hurt visibility not to list all languages?

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                      Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      I’ve seen criticism from users when you list all the languages, when really the app only uses English. So, these days I carefully check off just the languages that are used in the app.