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    Image format not working automatically when linking to Frame files

    JayHBar Level 1

      I have a project in RoboHelp that has linked Frame files. I've fiddled with the settings until I can update and publish without having to make any changes to most of the RoboHelp project's files. However, there is a problem with the images. My group's standard is to center the images. All the settings are set for that. However, they are left-aligned in the generated CHM file, unless I double click one image in each topic to open the Image Properties box, make NO changes, and click OK to close the Image Properties box. I've checked the HTML code before and after doing this, and there is no change, but then all the images in each topic that I did this to will appear centered in the generated CHM file. Since I have about 100+ graphics in this project, it would be nice if I could get the settings to take effect without having to go through this exercise. Anyone know how to make RoboHelp recognize the settings without having to touch an image in each topic in the project?