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    jagged edges

    rmartin215 Level 1

      Using CS5 ... Importing this still picture into premiere results in jagged edge at the two  horizontal edges at front of house --( not in photoshop)  How can I get rid of them?IMG_3398_x - Copy.jpg

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          SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

          We don't know what your Premiere Sequence Settings are, or the resolution of the photo. If Premiere is scaling the photo, then you may get better results if you resize the image in Photoshop to match the video resolution, so no scaling happens in Premiere (don't overwrite original image, save a copy!).


          Also, right-click in the Program Monitor window and see what FIELDS are set to, experiment with different options. Note that jaggies may be more apparent when paused - how are edges while playing sequence?




          Jeff Pulera
          Safe Harbor Computers

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            rmartin215 Level 1

            Thanks Jeff.


            My problem is actually more involved -- trying to mix HD and SD in Premiere.  Pursuing the sequence settings issue, I did discover that a sequence can be created to match exactly the dimensions of the picture, which helps.

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              SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

              Ok, but typically you'll want to stick with standard VIDEO sizing (SD, 720 or 1080), and conform the STILL to fit, not the other way around or it is going to mess up your delivery having a non-standard frame size. What is the intended delivery medium? That will help determine the best sequence size to work with