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    Looking for new web hosting


      I'm currently hosting my site through GoDaddy. Plain and simple, I am looking to switch from them because of the way they choose to advertise their product. I'm looking for a new web hosting company to host my site and need some help finding a good one.


      As for price, I'm looking for something in the same price range as GoDaddy. After a little research, these are the few that I've found:




      InMotion Hosting


      I'm pretty confident in my ability to choose a good one, but I just want to be sure there's nothing I'm missing about web hosting that would make it smart for me to avoid any of the above. Just a few notes about what I'm working with:


      My site was made in DreamWeaver. The entire site is 17 html pages. It just contains mostly text, some spry and some embedded video, so not a lot needed for data usage.


      If there is any other information needed for you to help me, let me know. Thanks!