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    Some NetStream statuses are not triggered anymore with FP 11.2

    OctavianN Level 1

      I'm in charge of developing a video recorder in as3 (http://hdfvr.com) and the video recorder has been working fine for the past 2 years however with the latest FP update (11.2) it has stopped working because these 3 NetStream events are never triggered anymore:


      HDFVR.netStatusHandler(NetStream.Buffer.Empty) _state=uploading

      HDFVR.netStatusHandler(NetStream.Record.Stop) _state=idle

      HDFVR.netStatusHandler(NetStream.Unpublish.Success) _state=idle



      This happens regardless of the media server used (Red5/FMIS/Wowza)


      I have posted this issue in the Adobe Flash Player Bug Database:



      I have also informed my clients and they're waiting for a fix, unfortunately I am not sure I can do a workaround without those NetStream events.