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    Full screen application on Mac Os Lion

    TAzMan_FR Community Member



      I am trying to develop a full screen application in AS3  / Air. This application must run on Mac Os X Lion plateform.


      The fact is that when I launch the application on Lion , a start up window appear, then the application is going to full screen mode, but the launch window still appear in front of it.

      This problem is for Lion only, as the application work well on Snow Leopard.


      Here is the code i'am using :


      Init of the app :

      <s:WindowedApplication xmlns:fx="http://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009"





                                      width="100%" height="100%"



      Public function to initiate full screen

      public function init():void


           // some stuff before, nothing to bother with full screen

            this.stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN; // fullscreen --










      Any clue to bring the full screen in front or to reduce the launch window ?