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    Remember rotation

    John Stanowski Level 2

      I'm always "afraid" to rotate anything because I worry that I won't be able to "unrotate" it.

      Corel DRAW remembered how much something was rotated and I was always able to zero out rotation if I ever needed it flush again.

      Can't we get a new Rotation Effect or something that could do this?

      Or find some way to add Rotation as a Live property?

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          vasil.petreski Level 1

          use the live effect transform

          set the rotation there

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            John Stanowski Level 2

            Um, no thanks. Not until they link it up with an on screen rotation tool.

            Who wants to keep rotating things by entering numbers into a dialog?

            I really hope AI CS6 goes the way PS CS6 did and fixes a lot of the "little things".

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              vasil.petreski Level 1


              1. rotate an object

              2. selecting the object and switching to the rotate tool

              3. the info panel shows the angle

              * i just don't know does this stays after closing the file


              i usually create 2 sets of files (keeping the original)

              and writing the rotation angle in the layers panel (as a name of object)

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                vasil.petreski Level 1

                the rotate tool has to be selected and then the angle pops up in the info panel


                ai remembers the angle after closing the file

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                  John Stanowski Level 2

                  Thanks for trying to help.

                  But I still think Illustrator has a long way to go before it can catch up with the Corel DRAW of 15 years ago when it comes to making things easy (or sensible).

                  It's interesting to see that the Info Panel displays the rotation when you use the Rotation Tool.

                  However, this is an unnecessary step since you can just use the Black Arrow Tool since it's active most of the time. Why the Info Panel doesn't give the same service I don't know.

                  And even so, in the end, if you need to "un-rotate" something you have to apply the Transform Effect, open the dialog, and enter the opposite of the rotation. Wow, that's insane.

                  I've just come to realize that every single time I need to rotate something I have to duplicate it and put it off to the side.

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                    vasil.petreski Level 1

                    for this things corel is great but i think Ai evovles at pace that corel can't follow

                    most of the awful design jobst at least where i come from are made by people who "know" corel. kudos to the old school guys who started with corel and are still faithful doing amazing stuff

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                      John Stanowski Level 2

                      You know, actually you wound up helping me a lot.

                      I just realized that I can just hit R and rotate things that way from now on.

                      And if I never need to "un-rotate" something, I can just apply a "standard" Transform (not the live effect).

                      When I do, it's rotation is already in the box. I just need to add a minus. Bam.  Not Bad.



                      I agree about bad design and Corel. These days Corel just isn't used anymore.

                      I switched to AI because of it's connectivity with so many other programs. But it wasn't an easy change.

                      And, yes, AI does crazy good stuff that Corel can't, like multiple fills and strokes. Just awesome.

                      But I still feel AI is pretty much prehistoric when it comes to making some things easy.

                      E.g. The whole way text works in AI is just crazy in my book. You always have to tip toe around gigantic bounding boxes.

                      But that's for another thread.


                      In the end I got a great new workaround. Thanks again!