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    Adding HDV Device to PP 5.5

    Jax24135 Level 3

      I'm working with a Sony (HVR-M35U HDV VTR ) deck in Premiere Pro 5.5, so far I haven't been able to preview my footage in the capture window. I've tried ever setting I can think of to help get Premiere to see my HDV deck's footage, but with no luck. When I go into my deck settings it lists the different Sony Premiere-friendly, but it only goes so far.


      1. Since my deck is down in the Ms and it cuts off at D, is there a way to scroll down the drop down list to find drivers for the rest of the decks?


      2. I know my deck works with my computer in both DV & HDV modes. Is there a way to manually install a deck driver into the list of Premiere-friendly decks?