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    [Flash CS5.5] bug movieclips dont show/Really Slow on High Quality Textures


      I have been using flash cs5.5 for a while now , and I start this project 3-4 days ago. Ever since I started to add in high texture in it, The program Freezes alot.

      I export my project as a swf and theres no lag at all in it.(thanks to Render:Cache as Bitmap)


      A bug happen when ALL the MovieClips/images/bitmaps No longer can be seen but u can click on it.

      As u can see.


      The visible is check in too.


      All I was doing is moving the movieclips/images/bitmaps(high detail 2000x1000 big) around and this happen.

      Also the program gets crazy laggy when high details are added. Then again , I export my project as a swf and theres no lag on the swf, full fps.




      if this helps


      intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20 GBHz

      3.19 GHz , 2.00 GB of RAM



      After Reloading the hole file, everything is back to normal , but it still does this bug and its really slow. I cant Continue my project because of this bug.

      Flash barely use my ram or cpu.