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    Black Magic Intensity and HDMI


      Hi. I am trying to use OnLocation to capture an HDMI signal directly from my camera, a Sony HRD-FX1.  The camera HDMI output is connected to the Black Magic HDMI input.  OnLOcation sees the card, but I get nothing on the screen.


      This setup is working perfectly using BlackMagic Media Express - the program that comes with the card.  But nothing in OnLocation.


      Two issues - I cannot find where to adjust the setting for capture in OnLocation. With Adobe Premiere, I can go into settings and make adjustments to the capture settings. Ditto for Media Express.  Where is this hiding in OnLocation? Second issue is related to the fisrt I think.  The capture settings.


      This is most likely the reason I cannot see anything in my capture window.  But maybe not.


      I do not want to use firewire. With HDMI I can run a cable up to 100 feet away. I am doing a live gig where I'm splitting the HDMI signal, one to the computer to record, the other to an LCD projector to show to the audience. HDMI is the way to go.


      Any help most appreciated.