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    Is it a smart move exporting 720x480 as 1280x720 for DVD playback?

    Velzz Level 1

      I exported out the 720 footage in SD and of course you have the 4:3 footage with no black bars. Then I exported it out for the heck of it to 1280 to see how it looked and everything is of course a bit larger, but you have the black bands on the sides.


      Now this footage will be put on a DVD to be projected in a theater. Of course I need it to look the best. Problem is I cannot tell personally if any muddying of the picture had occured by exporting out to a larger size than what it was shot in, and if the black bars are more of an overall distraction than anything.


      Also, i will have films from other people as well on this DVD. I am new to DVD authoring. I'm sure there will be a mix of formats. How exactly should i go about this whole thing?