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    Question concerning licence permissions of Student Editions in Australia


      ####### EDIT: Pretty sure I posted this in the wrong forum, someone please direct me to the appropriate forum. ########


      EDIT2: It looks like the 'Adobe Licensing' forums are dead...I'd really like an answer :/



      So I've read some old threads on this topic and deduced that student versions can be used for commercial work in Nth America but not worldwide. I also heard that Education licences can be used for commercial work while Student licences cannot.


      In the Australian Adobe store, there is only home and home office, education (student and teacher editions) and business stores. I've searched for information on the site regarding licensing permissions and have come up empty.


      So all in all I'm not sure where to find solid information that the product I buy can be used for commercial uses. I'm hoping to grab a licence I can use longer than just 3 years and bring into the commercial arena as well as continue for personal projects as well.


      If anyone has links to pages or information, I'll gladly hear it.