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    Change corner appearance

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          JerryPF Level 1

          If you need to make a lozenge shape with semicircular ends, the corner option or live corners doesn't work effectively. Half the height of the rectangle as radius should give a smooth circular end, but it doesn't. There's still a flat between the top and bottom corner. If you put in a much larger radius, nothing changes. It seems InDesign limits the radius to just less than what is ideally required. This is a shame. Does anyone know of any plug-ins that work properly?

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            This was a change in behavior when the corner effects were made "live" and I agree it is a shame. I don't know of a plugin, but you can work around it by combining shapes using the Pathfinder.

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              I'm having same issue as JerryPF, you can slide the live corners as much as you want for all the other corner shapes, but not the rounded-corner one. But you could in InDesign CS4. So, this has to be a bug, one for Adobe to rectify.

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                BeanoMark Level 1

                I've just been told that InDesign CS5 works fine with rounded corners, so it must be from CS5.5 onwards. Definately a bug.

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                  JerryPF Level 1

                  Thanks. Could be CS5.5 and/or Lion! Lion finally killed Freehand Best option is to create the shape with paths, making sure you anly have six points in the finished shape. Use the lozenge shape as a text frame. Using the direct selection tool you can adjust the width of the shape to accommodate the text. Unfortunately, with the txt ranged left, it won't let you pull the right-hand end in very tight. The workaround is to place a small box with no stroke or fill to create your left indent (at the left end of the lozenge). Strangely enough this finer adjustment. You could of course use a text frame grouped with the lozenge path. Sledghammer to crack a nut!

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    CS5.5 and CS6 work exactly the same as CS5 in regard to Live Corner Effects. This is NOT a bug, but a feature limitation based on how the curves are calculated. Live corners use a single control handle (you'll see this if you use the direct select tool to select the path) at the position of the curve. The old style corner effect used a two-handled control point along the actual path of the curve.

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                      33 Steps Level 2


                      The lozenge, was it done in photoshop and does it have a path?

                      InDesign you can "convert clipping path to fame"