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    Move to new computer, get "An error occurred while reading files or writing files to disc. The disc

      • I tried to move my PE6 install and catalog to a new computer.  It was on a Dell Windows XP machine, and I moved it to a Toshiba Windows 7 (64 bit) machine.  I have always kept my photo files on an external hard drive.  My photo library is 50GB, 10,000 files.  Here is what I did.
        • Copied the original PE6 install file to the Toshiba.  Installed but didn’t activate it.
        • Copied the entire My Catalog folder to the proper Windows 7 location.
        • Plugged the external drive into the Toshiba.  Made sure the same drive letter as before (E).
        • Fired up PE6 on Toshiba.  Looked good in Organizer.  Everything seemed to be there, but I didn't try to make changes at that point.
        • Deactivated PE6 on the Dell.  Activated on the Toshiba.


      • Then I realized that it is not right.  I can edit Keywords and Rating stars on the pics, but not dates, captions or notes.  I get “An error occurred while reading files or writing files to disc. The disc may be full or there may be problems with the source media.”
      • Only a fraction of the external drive is in use.
      • I can access the files on the external drive with another app (Windows Photo Viewer).
      • I tried Reconnect All Missing Files.  Somewhat ambiguously, it says “There are no files to reconnect.”
      • In the properties in the Organizer for each picture are the proper file names and paths.  Folder view works fine in Organizer.
      • I can put new files in the same external drive directories, import them into PE6, then edit them normally.

      What is the easiest way to get Organizer properly connected to my files?  I suppose I could reimport all the pics on the new machine, but I assume I'd lose some of my metadata.  So that is out of the question.