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    Guided Edit Development for PSE 10


      I have guided edits that I have written for every version of Photoshop Elements up to Version 6. I am looking to convert these to Photoshop Elements 10 but cannot find any documentation on how to develope Guided Edits for Elements 10. I have approached Adobe in the past about this topic for Photoshop Elements 7, which was the first version to use flash for the Guides, and I was told that documentation did not exist. Is Adobe still not providing 3rd parties with the necessary information to enable them to write their own guided edits, or is the information buried in an sdk somewhere?




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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          As far as I’m aware an SDK is only available for the full Photoshop and not Elements.








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            Stephen_Morris Level 1

            Going back to Elements 4, Adobe documented the techniques for writing Guided Edits (or in those days How To's) in the full photoshop sdk, then when Elements 5 was released the documentation was not provided (Adobe have changed the internal format of Guided Edits in every version of Elements they have released), so I'm now checking whether or not Elements 10 is in the same situation or whether the documentation is just not supplied at all. I'm in the situation where I have a requirement to write my own guided edits for elements so that I can add techniques that have been presented in magazines that are extremely useful, and build on the features of Elements. If there is no documentation, and hence I cannot write my own guided edits, then Elements is useless to me, and I may as well throw it away and use the equivalent that was supplied with the digital camera I was given as a present. I don't want to throw Elements away, but if Adobe are refusing to provide the facilities I need then I have no choice.