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    Map module disappointing so far - or am I missing something

    Codebreaker3 Level 2

      I've just started playing with LR4 in particular the Map Module which would be of great interest to me but for some short comings that I can't see how to make work.  I admit that I'm still playing so may have missed something.


      1.  Only GPX tracklogs can be imported - yet there are numerous formats available.   My device just produces a Log file (NMEA), which I could convert with GPS Babel but would reduce the benefit of LR4 if I have to use another tool

      2.  Only one GPX tracklog file can be selected.  It's not unusual - for me at least with two different GPS loggers - to have multiple tracklog files for a number of images.  This could be due to loss of signal or turning off to conserve power or use another time.  So, I can't easily locate which tracklog file corresponds to a batch of images.


      Currently I use Geosetter;  It scans all my logs files - no conversion, no selecting the right file.


      What am I missing in the Map Module that would solve these problems?