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    Script Request: Clean Up (tabs, white space, justification)


      I deal with a lot of poetry books which are originally set very poorly by the (author/editor/other designers) using assorted tab runs, space runs, centered text. As I move more into ePub world I would like to be able to normalize these files easily in Indesign CS 5.5 on a Mac.

      What I would like the script to do:

      1. find the exact x-axis location of the first character on a line (line encompassing both hard and soft returns).
      2. Set the left margin to that exact point on the x-axis
      3. Replace soft returns with hard returns
      4. Change the justification to align left
      5. Remove all tab runs or space character runs between the new left margin and the first character.

      Is this possible? Does it exist already in one or multiple scripts?
      Is it something someone would consider doing for the community?
      Contact me directly with a quote if you think this falls under too big - must freelance category.

      Either way I would be releasing the script to the ePub & scripting community.


      best regards

      Les Smith

      Contact les@talonbooks.com