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    CS5 doesn't recognize pressure from Monoprice tablet


      I have the tablet pressure controls size icon marked, but photoshop still recognizes it as a mouse.


      running windows 7. Any thoughts?

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9



          Have you checked that your tablet driver is up to date?

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            x24r0cz Level 1

            Yes. I got the driver yesterday.

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              You're using a knock-off tablet brand, and their driver is not reporting pressure information correctly to applications.

              You'll have to talk to the tablet maker and get them to fix their driver software.

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                Hey I just got one of these tablets myself and was experiencing difficulty as well. I did a bit of google searching and found that some people had success by uninstalling the tablet, then installing Wacom Intuos tablet drivers then re installing the Monoprice drivers. I did this a few times and never got it working, so I decided to download GIMP to see if that software would pick up my pressure sensitivity. Low and behold GIMP had absolutely no problem sensing the pressure sensitivity. That's when it hit me, GIMP is only 32-bit and I have been running 64-bit Photoshop 5. So I reloaded Photoshop but this time I launched the 32-bit version and BAM pressure sensitivity works.


                So I'd suggest first trying your tablet in the 32-bit version of Photoshop, and if that doesn't work then searching "wacom drivers" on google. Download the oldest Intuos drivers that they have(not sure if that really matters, but the post I saw suggesting this were from 2009 so I wanted the drivers closest to whatever they may have been using.) Plug in your tablet then go to device manager and uninstall the tablet, it should have its own heading with the tablet icon right above the USB Devices on the Device list. Let that uninstall, unplug the tablet, and restart. Then when you're booted up again install the Wacom drivers then install the tablet drivers and restart you computer again. Let your OS completely load to make sure the driver changes have fully initialized then plug the tablet back in. It'll detect the tablet as a new device and just let it do its thing. Now 32-bit Photoshop should pick up your pressure changes.


                Hopefully that'll help you.

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                  x24r0cz Level 1

                  Thank you very much, Stephen. I had actually tried that to no avail. I just ended up returning that tablet and buying the Wacom Bamboo Create.

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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    We hear this repeated from time to time on the forums.  Some products are just TOO cheap.



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                      I find that statement rather irritating.  Read up or try a product before you trash it.  Although the Monoprice tablets are, indeed, no Wacoms...  They are an EXCELLENT low-cost alternative for artists.  They are manufactured by UC Logic.  I have purchased these for my children (both art students) and a few friends.


                      The drivers can be a bit trying.  However, if you install them before plugging in the tablet AS INSTRUCTED they will function as advertised (better in my opinion).  I recommend - foir Windows 7 users - not allowing the OS to updite the tablet's drivers.  It thinks as usual, that it knows better.  Trust me, it definately does not.  This is probably what is causing your difficulties.  Windows 7 reads the pen enumerator (which DOES ALLOW for pressure to be recognized in Photoshop and other drawing programs) as out of date.  It is not.  As long as your video card has glide enabled this pen works just like Wacom's.  Just less expensively. 


                      I use the UC Logic drivers

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                        Noel Carboni Level 8

                        I stand corrected - IF the product works properly upon following the instructions.


                        If the problem is just as you say - outdated or incorrect drivers being installed via Windows Update - one has to wonder:  Why doesn't the manufacturer take the time to update the drivers at Microsoft's site?  It's not impossible to do.  Companies that make professional quality products manage it.



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                          StephenPY Level 1

                          I think it is just a matter of Windows Update not knowing better than to not install its generic tablet drivers rather than using the correctly installed drivers made for the Monoprice Tablet. However, I did use this method of stopping the windows update and it worked great. I just used the drivers off of the Monoprice Tablet CD and the pressure is working fine in 64-bit and 32-bit photoshop. The drivers are fine, though I do think that the oem branding makes windows assume this is just a generic device since it isn't a high profile name that it 'recognizes'.


                          In my experinence DO NOT install the Wacom drivers, they do nothing. Install the 'Dual Screen' drivers from the disk with the tablet UNPLUGGED and restart after the install. After the reboot plug in your tablet and as Windows 7 detects the device it will show a little icon in the toolbar near the clock and sound icon. Click on the icon that kind of looks like a router with a green dot(I believe I am describing it correctly but I am just going by memory but I believe mousing over will give a description that should be clear that the icon deals with installing the new device.) Cancel the windows driver auto-update and you'll be good. Well I can't say that 100% but I just did this on a fresh install of windows with a fresh install of adobe cs 5.5 and it worked flawlessly, previously I was having problems where if I used certain keyboard shortcuts it would kill my pen but that is no longer a problem. No Wacom drivers and no drivers from the UC Logic site and it's working great on my install of Windows 7 Professional x64.


                          This is basically what therealtindalos13 has already said, but maybe I explained the process a bit more thoroughly. Also I'd like ot reaffirm that this is a pretty nice tablet for the price. It's under $50 and offers a large surface and pressure sensitivity. The biggest downside is that Windows thinks that it is smarter than it really is. Of course if you are a professional get a real Wacom but if you're just an amature or on-and-off freelancer then go ahead and settle with this cheaper device. It might be a bit finicky but you get what you pay for. Great starter tablet compared to what the bigger brands offer.

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                            With me (and windows 10) the solution was adding a configuration file to photoshop (I use photoshop cc). After much searching this worked and I am using the drivers from the disk.  Now I have pen pressure. See link below




                            Yes the title is for wacom but the compatibility mode seemed to be the issue for my monoprice sensitivity.