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    Stuck in Premier Elements 10 new project and Stabilizer




      This is my first time using Premier Elemtents 10.  I tried to read up first on the software (watch videos on it) and try to search before posting.  I am stock and not sure where to go. 


      I did a car cruise and show this weekend.  I have video of the cruise and some of walking around the show. 


      I took all my video clips and put it into one large edit.  I got it al edited and cut out the boaring stuff.  After I got done I know want to seperate the parts of the video into seperate prodjects.  I have each put together into their own group.  I am just down to two videos at the bottom.  What I am not sure how to do is how to split off that 2nd video into a seperate prodject. 


      The other issue I am having is with the 2nd video.  I took the video while walking around.  It is a little shakey.  I went to effects and then selected stabalizer.  After doing that now the video is horrable choppy.  I can hear the sound play fine.  The video just freezes for a while then plays a few frames and then freezes again.  Am I doing this wrong? 


      Thank you for any help with this.  Been messing with this for a few hours and took a break so I do not get too upset.