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    Error 103

    SavedTee Level 1

      I am trying to download the trial for cs5. What is error 103 mean?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          I haven't seen Error 103 before.  Which operating system are you using?  Where are you choosing to download the install files too?

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            Bettina Jensen Level 1

            Hi Adobe. I'm having the same problem when downloading trail version of Illustrator. Translated form Danish, my error messege reads: Installations files are not found (error 103). Proceed to the file where downloaded to, and start the installation manually.


            When I do that, nothing happens. If I stop Adobe Download Assistant, it seems that the dowmloaded program is erased from the file.


            I have repeated the download 5 times, all with the same result.


            I run MAC with the latest version of the OS X (10.7.2).


            Please help.

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              emilieeeeeeee Level 1

              Hi Adobe! I am having the exact EXACT same trouble as Benita (above)

              I am on a MacBook OS and trying to download the free trial of adobe photoshop cs5

              I was simutaionasly downloading indesign but that finished perfectly and photoshop had the error 103 that I can't figure out how to get rid of


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                Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                Still odd to receive a Error 103.  You should be able to resolve your difficulties though by completing solution 1 in Troubleshoot Adobe Download Assistant - http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/troubleshoot-download-assistant.html#main_Solutio n_1.  Please make sure to download the install files to your User folder or desktop.


                Alternately you can follow the process listed in http://forums.adobe.com/thread/981369 to initiate a direct download.

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                  ashleywl Level 1

                  I'm having the same experience as Bettina.  iMac OSX 10.7.3.  Cannot complete installation.  The entire process of downloading and then installing took all night and most of a day before getting the error, and I've tried several times to install.  My internet connection is problem-free.  I have plenty of RAM.  I would love to get this resolved quickly, if possible.


                  I tried the troubleshooting steps, but nothing helped.  There were no preference/cache files to delete.


                  Thanks in advance.  Let me know if I can provide more info.

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                    Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                    Ashleywl with 10.7.3 Apple has made the User Library folder hidden.  The easiest way to view it is to go to your Finder and select hold down the option key and go to Go>Library.  This will take you to the hidden User Library folder so you can complete the steps listed in solution 1.  Also please make sure to select your User folder, which is default, or your desktop when choosing where to download the install files too.


                    I also included a link to the process of initiating a direct download.  You can certainly follow those steps if you do not wish to complete any additional troubleshooting.