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    Adobe Encors CS5 - Must reduce  timeline image to fit screen

    acmputr Level 1

      Hi and Thanx in advance for your help.


      I have 6 hours of talking heads at a conference shot at 1920x1080P.  As I make DVDs of the video I am finding a great deal of the image is "cut off" or outside the frame when played on a TV.  I play it back on a 65 inch wide screen DLP that is "upscaled" to 1080P, a 32 inch wide screen LCD that is not "upscaled" and a portable DVD player and all show the same effect. 


      Each speaker is on a separate timeline.  I alter the timeline for output at 90% of the height and 80% of the width to retain most of the frame (and thin them up a bit) when the DVD is played.  I pre-render the timelimes to 720 x 480 .MP4 files and import those into Encore to make the DVD.


      If I don't reduce the timeline image percent I get a fat looking speaker with a lot of the frame outside the viewable area.  Am I compensating for something I am doing wrong or is this typical?  I understand outputting for TV has "safe" viewable areas but I thought that did not apply to the new TV technology when viewing DVDs.


      I appreciate any help or feedback you can offer.