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    Does H264 encoding works/supported in Cirrus?

    sdsdfsdwefdcgdgcvedb Level 1


      I've been testing video phone labs application against cirrus service and found anomaly in encoding/decoding H264 video.

      I just modified the code to use H264 codec for outgoung stream and in another instance of the application also checking codec value.

      For outgoing stream I see the codec value as H264avc, while for incoming stream it is Sorenson. This is technically impossible

      and points out that Sorenson codec is used for encoding the camera video also. So, Adobe claim of having H264 support in AIR3 and FP11.2

      are not holding the truth. Does anybody see the same picture in your applications with Cisrrus?

      I've posted more details on Adobe AIR forum: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/982355?tstart=0