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    Going Crazy - IE Aligning text in Table differently then Chrome

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      Hey guys,

           I need a second set of eyes here. I have been working on finishing up this website for a while and I am having some problems. It's hard to explain, so look for yourself:




      If you click the sub links (Extended Beliefs, About Our Pastors) in Chrome everything looks great! But in IE when you click those links you will notice that the alignment is all wrong in th top table on both the About ICC page and the About our pastors page. I can not for the life of me figure out why. I ahve narrowed it down to the top table in the page:

      <table width="920" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class="header">
              <td width="32" height="75" class="headerTitle"> </td>
              <td width="235" class="headerTitle">About</td>
              <td width="615" class="headerLinks"><u>About ICC</u>     <a href="About-ExtendedBeliefs.html">Extended Beliefs</a>    <a href="About-OurPastors.html">About Our Pastors</a></td>
              <td width="38" class="headerLinks"> </td>
              <td height="364" valign="top" class="BodyMainHeader"> </td>
              <td colspan="2" valign="top" class="BodyMainHeader"><p>International Christian Center</p>
                <p class="MainBody"><span class="BodyMainText"><span class="BodyMainText"><span class="BodyMainText"><span class="BodyMainText"><span class="BodyMainText"><img src="Images/LOGO.png" alt="ICC LOGO" width="310" height="292" align="right" />International Christian Center is a church about loving God and loving people. Planted in Renton Washington by Pastors Daniel and Connie Ong in 2008, ICC has since been striving to reach the people of Renton and its neighboring cities.</span></span></span></span></span><span class="BodyMainText"><span class="MainBody"></span></span></p>
                <p class="BodySubHeader">Our Mission Statement</p>
                <p class="BodySubHeader"><span class="BodyMainText">Bringing people to know Christ, to grow in Christ, and to go tell others about Christ.</span><br />
                  <strong class="BodyMainText">To Know - To Grow - To Go</strong></p>
                <p class="BodySubHeader">What to Expect on Sunday</p>
                <p class="BodySubHeader"><span class="BodyMainText">Sunday services are all about fellowshipping with one another, worshiping and praising Christ, and learning and growing in His Word. Come as you are, no need to put on a three piece suit or Sunday dress, instead come expecting to be changed from the inside out. Services start at 10AM and are generally concluded by Noon. Every service includes God-centered worship and Bible-centered teaching. Communion is served on the first Sunday of every month.</span></p></td>
              <td valign="top" class="BodyMainHeader"> </td>


      I have come to that conclusion since the text in the table directly bellow that (the footer class table) aligns properly. Any idea as to what is wrong? The http://validator.w3.org shows the same errors for each page, msot of which are just missing alt tags, could that cause this problem? Thanks for the help as always guys!