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    Photoshop Elements 10 user manual?

    Jaymak79 Level 1

      Well, I'm still new so hopefully I can ask a few dumb questions before the pros start to pass me over.  Is there a manual for Elements 10? I've looked everywhere and yes I know there's help when on 10 and I have seen lots of youtubes and all that. But I like a manual, the kind that says "put this there", etc. I have the  Missing Manual which has some good advice (but if there's no manual how can there be a missing one?), and the visual book which has pictures. And the Guided thing offers a bit and the Help icon does a rather weak job of helping (ah, maybe that's why the missing manual) but I like to have a manual beside me, so I can read and turn pages. Pretty analog I guess, but I am over 30. Way over.


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