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    Help with Illustrator Clipping Mask!




      I am trying to make a clipping mask over a alot of vectors (to be specific, have made an envelope design so am trying to use the template/evenlope outline as the clipping path) however when ever I try to create the clipping mask - command 7 - all the vectors inside are deleted mostly or half dissapear.


      I have tried;

      Making sure the clipping path is the top layer in the layers panel

      Ungrouping the vectors and selecting individually to mask all together

      Putting all into a new document and clipping

      Seperating the clipping path and what I want to clip into differnt layers


      None of the above has worked as yet, I have done this plenty of times before but am not sure what I am over looking. I am using CS5 on a mac.


      Thanks for anyones help!


      here is what I am trying to do; I need all of the vecotrs to be masked by the envelope outline.