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      I am preparing artwork for a CMYK printer.  This artwork contains a particular shade of red: C0/M86/Y64/K23.


      ……However for some reason Illustrator has changed some red objects (not all) to different percentages, i.e. C17.95/M90.33/Y74.97/K6.18

      Why has Illustrator changed this, any why the odd decimal points????


      Any help would be very must appreciated, Thanks.

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          Jacob Bugge Legend



          It sounds as if you have Document Color Mode RGB instead of CMYK in the original document.


          Note that when you change, some colours are bound to change

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            gaagaa12 Newcomer

            Thanks Jacob,


            The document colour mode is definitely CMYK. 


            I have just discovered that the CMYK (C0/M86/Y64/K23) is correct when I select the objects with the direct selection tool – it is when I use the eyedropper tool that I get this odd decimal point reference (C17.95/M90.33/Y74.97/K6.18).

            Is there something wrong with my eyedropper setting then?


            (The objects are part of a clipping mask, if this has any relevance… ..I’m not sure?)



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              Monika Gause Mythic

              When using the eyedropper, do you also press shift to pick up colors? In that case the color will be processed by color management.


              The eyedropper is a different concept in Illustrator than in Photoshop.

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                gaagaa12 Newcomer

                Hi Monika, thanks so much…….

                I was unaware of the need to press the shift key when using the eyedropper.  I have since gone back into same file and pressed shift when using eyedropper tool and I have the correct CMYK that I was expecting …. Hurray!

                I know now that I need to use the shift key…. But…. why do I need to use the shift key?  Why will the eyedropper tool not just do its intended job without the need for the shift key???

                Anyway, thanks again ,,,,,,,

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                  Monika Gause Mythic

                  You need to use the shift key when picking up colors from images, gradients or meshes (for instance)


                  But the picked colors will be processed by color management and will probably be altered.


                  So using the eyedropper this way is dangerous.


                  You should read in the manual about color mangement and about the eyedropper and about how color and other appearances are treated in vector graphics and Illustrator .