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    ePub validation errors for chapters starting with an anchored image


      I am generating an epub file using InDesign CS5.5.


      I have set up a TOC and selected it during the epub export. It has one level based on my paragraph style “Caption” and works perfectly when I test the ePub file on iBooks.


      Most chapters start with an image, followed by a caption (in paragraph style “Caption”, the same as I’m using to generate the TOC) underneath.
      Images are anchored (using the blue box) to this caption in the Indesign file.

      I have forced a page break before the image in the export to epub to ensure the image comes at the top of the page.

      So far so good. All looks great and everything, including TOC, works perfectly in iBooks on my iPad and in Adobe Digital Editions.


      However, my file will not validate because the TOC markers in the chapters which begin with the anchored image are missing – even though the TOC works perfectly as I’ve mentioned earlier.
      As far as I can make out from the HTML, the anchored image is overriding the TOC marker, hence the error.

      I’ve manually edited the chapter files concerned for now as I’m under time pressure to finish the job, but I’d really appreciate any advice on how to set up my InDesign file to avoid this error in the first place for future books.


      (I’ve tried anchoring the image to a space before the caption text, and anchoring it to a soft and hard return but no joy. I could start the page with the caption followed by the image and force the break after the image instead of before it to solve the problem but my client wants the image at the start of the chapter and I agree it looks much better that way round…….)


      Any suggestions much appreciated.

      I can post the HTML code the Indesign export is generating and the edited code if that helps at all.