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    "Invalid Annotation Object" error

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      I'm using Windows XP Pro (SP3) on a 2.66 GHz, 2 GB RAM computer, and while working in an Adobe Acrobat 9 document, I had just saved the file (CTRL+S) and the document froze and I got a Windows error box that asked if I wanted to send an error report, which I did. When I opened Adobe again, it asked if I wanted to open the last file which didn't save correctly, which I did.

      Then when I proceeded to work in the document and tried to highlight a sentence I was going to delete, I got an Adobe Acrobat popup box that said "Invalid Annotation Object. OK" but no matter how many times I clicked on "OK," the box kept popping up and wouldn't go away. I tried saving a copy of the document, but the same box was in it and wouldn't go away. I couldn't even work in the document to extract pages or anything else. Huge problem!

      Does anyone know what can I do to resolve this problem? (This happened on a Saturday when Adobe phone support is not accessible.)
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          You may want to try to run it thru Distiller.

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            Allta Media Adobe Community Professional
            If you're using Pro. you might try using the Document > Examine Document command to remove your Annotation and Comments.
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              I had the same problem, but I believe it was because Adobe didn't close correctly the time before and the file lost some consistency. I had to delete the corrupted pages through the "Document" menu and start them over again. Hope that helps!
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                I have had the same problem. For me, Adobe was closed normally on the last occasion; there is no corruption. I had spent over 3 hours adding my annotation and comments as that was the point of using this program...so I don't really want to revert to the original file as this has now happened four times, on each occasion that I have tried to annotate this.

                Distiller...not sure what this is or how it will help?

                I have tried emailing my document to another user who only had reader installed; they experience the same problem when trying to read it (I managed to save the document as after I press ok about ten times, the message disappears. It then comes up again when I start to move - scrolling up or down. As it's a ten page document....!!)

                I have tried saving copies under new file names etc, etc, etc...

                Are there any ideas on how to actually fix this without starting from scratch a fifth time - third time lucky didn't do the trick!!!!

                Thanks in advance
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                  when I check to insert any pages in my pdf document, I get the error message :
                  "Invalid annotation object"
                  can you help me please for urgence !
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                    I have researched this some...I have found a 99% solution, and will be in further contact with Adobe tomorrow.

                    The 99% solution...if Adobe crashes while you are working on a document (firstly, pray like anything you have saved it recently...) before working on your document again, open up a random PDF after the crash, then close adobe...so that it has closed normally, without crashing.

                    Now open your document. 80% of the time your document will not have corrupted if you follow this method. Unfortunately, if it does corrupt, you have to find the corrupt page or pages - easiest way I found was to navigate using the up/down arrows rather than scrolling. You then have to delete these pages, and re-insert clean ones.

                    You won't be able to reinsert until after all the corrupted ones have been deleted.

                    This is just my solution so far and not anything Adobe have told me, so if this is a fluke just for me I apologise.......

                    Good luck! I will be speaking to Adobe AT LENGTH re this tomorrow so fingers crossed....
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                      Allta Media Adobe Community Professional
                      >Then when I proceeded to work in the document and tried to highlight a sentence I was going to delete, I got an Adobe Acrobat popup box that said "Invalid Annotation Object. OK" but no matter how many times I clicked on "OK," the box kept popping up and wouldn't go away.
                      Are you using any 3rd party annotation tools?
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                        Hi...as I said I would update this, I thought I'd better...

                        I have spoken to Adobe who have asked us to work through their troubleshooting guide to rule out all other errors...


                        As we have this problem with a couple of users at my workplace we're going to see how this works out and then speak to Adobe again if it doesn't resolve the problem!!

                        PS - I know it wasn't at me, but we're not using any 3rd party annotation tools...
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                          Bill Kulsrud Level 1
                          1/16/09 I have had the exact same problem and tried everything and nothing works. Looks like I will have to get a fresh file and start again. I worked on that file the entire day and lost it all.
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                            Bill: I have had it happen to me more than once. The only way I've in some ways "resolved" it is to have a business associate of mine take the file and open it in a Mac format and extract the pages and clean up the file for me to start over in. He suggests saving all files with a new name every now and then (every half hour or whatever) as you work in them. So, now that's just what I do. Apparently Windows has more problems with these types of issues than Mac. I might have to go Mac next computer. (sigh)
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                              A work around I found for a 476 page book was to simply page through until you found the offending page then extract all pages (select save as individual pages) then recreate the file. Hopefully you have a clean file that you can use to insert the missing or offending pages. This was the only way I could a file that became corrupted while the author was inputting edits to the layout. The Author was using the free reader version so the "enable for commenting in reader" function had been used. The file would not allow me to save it in any way.
                              In my scenario it worked...good luck.
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                                Does "Advanced PDF Repair" work?
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                                  found another, free, repair program but it found "no errors". It seems that I have 3 related problems:

                                  1."The document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document (14)."

                                  2."Invalid annotation object."

                                  3."The document could not be printed." &
                                  "There were no pages selected to print."
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                                    Allta Media Adobe Community Professional
                                    Are these files created using an Adobe product or a third-party tool?

                                    In the Preflight tools for Acrobat 9 Pro. there is a fixup tool to "Repair damaged document" -- it's for minor repairs. In the Preflight menu select the Profiles tab and then select "Single Fix Ups". It's listed under the Document row.
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                                      Bill Kulsrud Level 1
                                      I had the same problem and lost a full day of work.

                                      All of my documents have been created with Acrobat 9 Pro running Windows XP. I continue to have the problem (invalid annotation object) so I just save often and save under another name. I haven't found a successful fix. I have found that 9 Pro is a very unstable product when compared to the previous version (with which I never had a problem). It is constantly crashing.

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                                        Uncheck the following boxes:

                                        Enable text Indicators and tool tips

                                        Ensure that popups are visible as the document is scrolled


                                        Select the "Select Object Tool" on the "Advanced Editing" toolbar and then delete the comments on the problem pages.
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                                          This error appears repetitively for no reason; I have read the messages in this thread.  Is there no-one at Adobe who would like to investigate this problem.  I have already (re)installed Acrobat 8 with a view to stepping back till this and other instability problems are solved.   Help please Adobe!

                                          Stephen Grime

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                                            davidsdomingo Level 1

                                            Here is a technique for identifying all the pages that have invalid annotation objects on them:

                                            1. Document > Extract Pages ...

                                            • Select the checkbox for "Extract Pages As Separate Files"
                                            • Set the destination to a 'dedicated' folder that won't contain any other files -- that way, you can simply delete the folder when this process is done.
                                            • Click OK.

                                            2. During the extraction, click OK in all the message boxes that appear.

                                            3. After the extraction, look in the destination folder to see which pages are missing. Those are the pages that have invalid annotation objects.


                                            From this point you can try to delete the objects, or simply delete and replace the pages, or implement a different solution. Hope this helps someone.

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                                              brennao Level 2

                                              There are at least two posts here with ideas on how to actually fix a file with this problem. Thank you!  I will be trying these in the future.

                                              I just finished fixing a 332 page file with this problem by extracting groups of pages, then saving the extractions.  The ones that would not save had bad pages in them.  I did this for 45 minutes, narrowing down my groups until I had the 4 offending pages/annotations.  Then I combined all the extractions.  This method worked, but the others listed here seem less time consuming!

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                                                DLMoshak Level 1


                                                I've discovered a really quick fix if you happen to have MAC hardware at your disposal:


                                                If you have a Macintosh handy, and you open the offending file with the Macintosh "Preview" applicatio...you can then "Save as" to make a new copy of the file .pdf.


                                                This new file can then be sucessfully opened with Adobe Acrobat Pro (on either Windows or Mac) and the "Invalid Annotation Object" error is now gone. No loss of data and no loss of previous annotations was observed.


                                                Good Luck.



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                                                  aowie1 Level 1

                                                  Im not sure of the details of the rest of everyone else's problems, but here is a similar problem + resolution I have found:



                                                  Generated a PDF using Indesign and submitted it for a shared review. Comments were published by reviewers and as I went through to view them all, Adobe Acrobat 9.3.2 crashed. Upon reopening the file, whenever I rolled over comment objects or scrolled through pages, I would get the "Invalid Object Annotation" error. I could not just delete the comments or the document as they were very sensitive data. I could not extract the comments because the menu item was disabled...



                                                  Because the file was created by me, the tracker defaultly opened the local version of it. But if you open the file via a browser from the server (using the link you sent for your shared review, or find it on the server) the errors will not appear. To restore your local copy, simply save (and overwrite) over your local copy fromt the one you opened in the browser.


                                                  It seems the errors occur locally only and in the process of the corruption, the PDF was unlinked and comments no longer sync.


                                                  Many of you wont have the luxury of doing this, as you aren't using a shared review via a server. But if you submitted this for review at all to others, it might be possible for you to contact those you have sent it to and have them send back the working copy for you to overwrite over your corrupted version.

                                                  • 22. One solution that keeps most of the valid objects
                                                    qzmufu Level 1

                                                    1. Identify the pages with invalid annotation objects

                                                    2. Make a copy of the document

                                                    3. a) Delete the pages with invalid annotaiton objects from the original

                                                    3. b) Use "Examine Document" to remove all annotations from the copy

                                                    4. Copy the deleted pages back from the cleaned-up copy to the original


                                                    this way you won't lose all your annotations.


                                                    @ Adobe: Aren't you ever going to fix that issue? Seriously! Having such a major bug in your software for years tells stories about your products' quality!

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                                                      Larss1 Level 1

                                                      I have the same problem. As others discribe It seems to happen on scanned and OCR-runned files, in pages with line/arrow/typewriter annotation tools.

                                                      Both Pro and reader crashes. SumatraPDF can open the files but without annotations. I downloaded PDF-XChange Viewer, this thing can open the file with the annotations and I can save the file i have not tried to fix it so that can open it in Acrobat again.


                                                      I just cant belive this problem has not been fixed, its been around for years. Adobe blaims other software, but thats just bull. Apperently it can fixed from their side anyways. I've lost days and days on this bug.

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                                                        patricia.brennan55 Level 1

                                                        You're brilliant and a life-saver! I'm working on an extremely tight deadline and have spent the last frustrating hour with this problem -- and you fixed it!! Thank you!!

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                                                          Prince-W Level 1

                                                          Again, very annoying numerous pop-up "Invalid Annotation Object" errors. Try all steps above, reinstall Acrobat and the problem still exist. Wasting too much time on troubleshooting the unsolved problems.


                                                          Agree with qzmufu & Larss1, the problem was not solved for years.


                                                          Problem solved by using PDF-XChange Viewer, and may decide to purchase PDF-XChange Pro.


                                                          P.s. I was an Adobe supporter and never use any other 3rd parties PDF software before. But now, with all these disappointment had lead me to other PDF software which is less error, more reliable and not so costly as well.

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                                                            pub_ed Level 1

                                                            DLMoshak has a good solution for Mac users. Another option if you don't have a Mac, and if you do have access to the orginal unannotated file, is to open the original and use the Import Comments function. This will bring in all of the comments except for the "invalid" ones and the new file will be fine. The only problem, of course, is that you lose the offending annotation, but at least you can save all of the others.

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                                                              ghumdinger Level 1

                                                              This thread has been helpful. But exporting the comments and importing into a fresh PDF only preserves comments. Bookmarks are lost.


                                                              I have been having Error 14 repeatedly as well for no good reason. The affected PDFs were not emailed or sent over the internet, I do not use a 3rd party reader (though I use Evermap plugin), and the only annotation objects I use are highlights, comments, and the typewriter, headers.pre


                                                              Sometimes when I try to extract each page separately to identify the offending annotation, I get a "bad parameter" error right at the outset.


                                                              Error 14 arises whether Acrobat has or has not peviously crashed.


                                                              Upgrading to 10.1.2 does not help.


                                                              It happens on my desktop as well as netbook, both running on Win 7.


                                                              The affected PDFs were usually, but not always, created from Word.


                                                              I can't for the life of me figure out what's causing it.



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                                                                ghumdinger Level 1

                                                                Hi LoriAUC,


                                                                Do you know which is the equivalent for "single-fix ups" in Acrobat 10?


                                                                I ran the syntax analysis and it found these issues (screenshot below):

                                                                PDF syntax issues.PNG


                                                                I'm not sure though if these are just trivial problems or the ones that could be the cause of the Error 14.


                                                                It did, however, seem to have gotten rid of the Error 14 for now, but when I try to extract pages I still get the "bad parameter" error.




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                                                                  Pepe? Level 1

                                                                  Please see DLMoshak "really quick fix" above--post #20


                                                                  wow! great fix! After scouring forums til my eyes were bleeding I just tried your "open in Preview and save" fix. It worked! THANKS! (I had a 75 page document/catalog with and index that contained about 500 (no kidding) links to destinations that I did not look forward to rebuilding!)


                                                                  Afterthought: I see that my "saved from Preview" document has had all the "Destinations" removed. The links still work but future editing will be limited. Although I suppose I can just edit my original and then save it through preview again...

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                                                                    JimPonder19 Level 1

                                                                    Ok folks, here's my go at it.  I had to delete the following to stop those stupid errors from randomly (or not so randomly popping up)


                                                                    c:\documents and settings\<user>\application data\adobe\*.*

                                                                    c:\documents and settings\<user>\apps\adobe\*.*

                                                                    Make necessary adjustment for Windows Vista/7. 


                                                                    I found that the annotations store something in the cache section in the user's area that causes this corruption.  I had no problem with the files when my users did.  I thought it was a rights issue at first, but after creating a new user and finding the problem went away, I figured it had to be in the user profile section.  Killing off these pieces fixed the issue for me.


                                                                    I can't believe that this issue has been a problem for over 3 years and Adobe still doesn't resolve it.  Get on the ball Adobe.

                                                                    -Jim Ponder

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                                                                      De Pascalis Level 1

                                                                      Examine Document is now called "Remove Hidden Information" in Acrobat X, it's under the Protection tab.


                                                                      http://www.pdfforlawyers.com/2010/12/removing-pdf-metadata-document-markups-using-acrobat. html

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                                                                        oks_123 Level 1

                                                                        Hi Thanks for your clear post. Its great solution....The problem is fixed.

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                                                                          AcmeGV Level 1

                                                                          Is there a way to fix this issue and keep all of the annotations and status as one comment?  If I save out of Preview the statuses are placed as separate annotations.  (It is not an option to remove all annotations)


                                                                          This problem seems to occur with PDFs that have annotation that contain key command symbols like ® or ©.

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                                                                            JohnHodgsonLondon Level 1

                                                                            This worked for me. I had a corrupt PDF with annotations and 'invalid annotations object' message. I also had the original unannotated version. Used PDFXCview (google it, it's free) to export comments (Acrobat only exported comments upto the offending object, the rest were missing). Opened clean file in Acrobat, imported comments. Bingo. Job done

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                                                                              bahl85 Level 1

                                                                              If I have what you're trying to do correctly, you're trying to prevent losing the comments from a document that is corrupted/is giving you an error.


                                                                              What I did, and worked successfully was, extract the comments from the 'currupt' document then import them into a working version of that document (maybe an earlier version). I don't know if this matters, but I'm currently running Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro.


                                                                              How I did this:


                                                                              From the program's tool bar at the top I selected Comments > Export Comments to Data File... > and saved to my desktop (or wherever you want). I then opened a working version of the document (doesn't matter if the pages matched up perfectly as the program figured it out) and imported them the same way. From the toolbar I selected Comments > Import Comments... and that's all there was to it.


                                                                              Hope this helps some folks out.

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                                                                                Alaino123 Level 1

                                                                                I´ve never listened about this problem, but today this problem appeared on my computer, and i did this:

                                                                                first, i tried to save into another document and i tried to modify the comments, but the solutions is easy, just click ok the message"Invalid Annotation Object OK" until this msgbox disappears, after this click on EXPORT and choose the option JPEG format, save your document and print it. That´s all.



                                                                                PS: Just wanted to print my document, no modify it i hope this information could be good for you.


                                                                                Excuse my english im still learning.

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                                                                                  BigAlgae Level 1

                                                                                  Thanks brennao.  This worked for me in a 467 page document with 2 bad pages.


                                                                                  I originally extrcted as single pages, but scrolling through 467 pages looking for missing numbers just wasn't working.  Buy doing it in batches of 100, then 50, etc. I was able tto narrow it down pretty quick.

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                                                                                    junexp Level 1

                                                                                    On 3/24/2015 same problems, after Adobe Acrobat 9 pro. crashed while I added text boxes.. When I opened Adobe again, Yes to open the last file which didn't save correctly, then "Invalid Annotation Object" errors on my .pdf file of 96 pages


                                                                                    - first, I had to acknowledge/click the OK button until all " invalid annotation objects" error pop-up windows are gone


                                                                                    (for my file with 96 pages, i had to hit the OK button more than hundreds times - need patience)


                                                                                    - then found out (later) that what I did turn out to be the same steps as following post by davidsdomingo in adobe.forums


                                                                                    davidsdomingo May 28, 2009 1:39 PM (in response to (Holger_Wulf))


                                                                                    Here is a technique for identifying all the pages that have invalid annotation objects on them:


                                                                                    1. Document > Extract Pages ...


                                                                                    •Select the checkbox for "Extract Pages As Separate Files"


                                                                                    •Set the destination to a 'dedicated' folder that won't contain any other files -- that way, you can simply delete the folder when this process is done.


                                                                                    •Click OK.


                                                                                    2. During the extraction, click OK in all the message boxes that appear.


                                                                                    3. After the extraction, look in the destination folder to see which pages are missing. Those are the pages that have invalid annotation objects.


                                                                                    From this point you can try to delete the objects, or simply delete and replace the pages, or implement a different solution. Hope this helps someone.




                                                                                    - after extract the 96-pages file into individual files into a dedicated folder, only 95 got extracted and page 1 was not/can not be extracted.


                                                                                    - I then combined the 95 good extracted pages into a new file name .pdf


                                                                                    - then inserted a good page 1 without error (from the file that was saved previous day, prior to all the changes I made on the corrupted file), re work on page 1

                                                                                    - delete the bad file.

                                                                                    Hope this helps someone.


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                                                                                      pgarnett57 Level 1

                                                                                      Here's a quick fix that let me see the document with all the annotations that were causing Acrobat 9 Pro to report the "Invalid annotation object" error.


                                                                                      1. Close the document and Acrobat 9 Pro.
                                                                                      2. Open the Chrome Browser (download if you don't have it installed)
                                                                                      3. In Chrome:
                                                                                        1. Open the PDF document (e.g. Bad_Doc.pdf) that's giving you problems.
                                                                                          1. It opens PDFs using a viewer that isn't from Adobe, and doesn't seem to hiccup over "invalid annotation objects", so ...
                                                                                          2. You should be able to view all the annotations including the "invalid" ones!
                                                                                        2. Print the document using the Adobe PDF printer.
                                                                                        3. Save the printed version with a different filename (e.g. Good_Doc.pdf) than the error-causing one.
                                                                                      4. Open the printed version (e.g. Good_Doc.pdf) with Acrobat 9 Pro