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    Activation via internet

    Donny Bradfield

      I'm looking forward to the CS6 release, however I would like to install it on a stand alone PC in the recording studio that has no internet connection or MS office etc only Adobe Audition for recording & editing.  I Adobe will allow activation via phone again as with previous versions.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          There will be no requirement that the computer is connected to the Internet for activation.


          Details will come later, when we're allowed to discuss them.

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            Donny Bradfield Level 1

            Thanks Todd, now I cannot wait for Audition CS6 to become available.

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              Donny Bradfield Level 1

              I just received my order of Audition CS6 and I have opened the box only to find out there's leaflet stating "To activate and register your software, be sure your computer is connected to the Internet when you install it, and when prompted, simply log in with your Adobe ID or create a new one" I actually would like to install it onto a PC without any internet connection. Will that still be possible?

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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                The leaflet is wrong... or at least misleading.


                Go ahead and try installing Audition on your computer that is not connected to the Internet. When it comes time to activate, you should get a prompt that asks you to enter an activation code. You can get that activation code using any Internet-conencted device. When we tested this, it was with a smartphone. Then you just type that activation code into the computer that isn't connected to the Internet.


                BTW, you'll have better success if you bring questions and issues about downloading, installation, and activation for CS6 software to this forum:


                Those of us on the Audition forum know Audition, but we don't necessarily know everything that there is to know about downloading, installing, and activation.

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                  Donny Bradfield Level 1

                  Thanks Todd, it worked just like you said. I now have it installed on a stand-alone PC without internet.

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                    Donny Bradfield Level 1

                    Today I started Audition CS6 after a week or so and got a message saying my 30 day trial is over. I don't understand this because I have installed it from the original disc and entered the serial no then got the activation code via the internet and now it's asking me to licence the software because the 30 day trial is over.

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                      _durin_ Adobe Employee

                      Hi Donny,


                      I've read another similar report of this, and am looking into it.  In the meantime, if you choose Help > Deactivate  and then relaunch Audition and sign in with your Adobe ID, it should reactivate correctly.



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                        Stephen P Simpson Level 1

                        Hi Donny.


                        Did you ever notice whether the 'Deactivate' option under the Help menu was greyed out after you 

                        activated the product?


                        I, too, opted to go for the standalone activation and that seemed to work, in that it stopped the 

                        '7-day countdown' nag screen that you get after you input the product serial number. However, upon 

                        checking under the Help menu, the Deactivate option was, and remains, greyed out.


                        I'm having a few problems with Audition CS6 at the moment, this being one of them. As I might end up 

                        having to do a complete program uninstall and reinstall, I don't want to lose an installation 

                        entitlement because I can't properly deactivate.


                        The one ray of hope for us is that Durin appears to be on the case.





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                          _durin_ Adobe Employee

                          I'm still following the issue, but so far the other reports are related to Creative Cloud activations.  Donny's seems unique in that his system is not connected to the internet. 


                          The Deactivate menu item may not be enabled on the same launch session that you activated.  If you relaunch and it is still disabled, we can take a deeper look though I am no expert on the activation schemes.  What are the other issues you're having with CS6? 


                          In any case, let me know if anything changes one way or the other over the next few days.

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                            Donny Bradfield Level 1

                            Hi Steve, I didn't take notice to see if the deactivate was greyed out but i was now forced to use my 3G USB modem to connect the PC to the net and had to click on the licence software button then a screen appeared that required the serial no then it connect to the web and the activation was completed. I checked now and the deactivate is available. I don't like connecting the standalone PC to the net in this case i was forced to. I hope it can be sorted out. I will check to see if it comes up with the same message again after 30 days.

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                              Stephen P Simpson Level 1

                              Hi Donny.


                              Thank you for the description of what you had to do to get going again.

                              If my activated installation decides to time out within the next month, I'll know what I'll need to do.

                              Do you have any means of knowing whether you have now used up two activations, or is it still only the one?

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                                Stephen P Simpson Level 1

                                Hello Durin.


                                Firstly, thanks for taking an interest in this.


                                I installed Audition CS6 on the 23rd May. During installation, I did not choose the 30-day trial

                                option, I chose to input my serial number. This started the "You have seven days to activate" countdown



                                Because I was aware of one issue that I had had with Audition CS5.5 whilst it was briefly installed, I

                                held off activating Audition CS6 until the 29th May. That gave me some time, prior to committing to the

                                standalone activation, to investigate the issue which appears to be also present in Audition CS6.


                                The 'Deactivate...' option under 'Help' remains greyed out even today, 1st June.


                                I'm probably going to wait it out to see whether Audition decides to time out within the coming month,

                                as I can follow the process that Donny described to probably get it going again.

                                I'm bringing this observation to people's attention as a matter of record, as others may also turn out

                                to be affected. I'm also concerned about losing out on activation entitlement if something has gone

                                awry somewhere.


                                With regard to other issues I'm having with Audition CS6, I think that I have three; I'm still running

                                through tests and permutations of settings and conditions, and will post up on the forum if I feel that

                                it will be of use to other people. For all I know, I might be causing the problems!


                                I'll certainly post any developments on this activation issue.





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                                  Donny Bradfield Level 1

                                  Hi Durin, I got this message when I opened Audition CS6 today after I have Licenced it again 5 days ago.


                                  Audition Trial Expires.jpg

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                                    _durin_ Adobe Employee



                                    I suspect you'll have better luck bringing this up directly in the Installer forum Todd listed above:



                                    There are installer-specific engineers responding there, and those guys will know what's going on under the activation hood far better than I.  Let me know if/when you've posted there and I'll hop on the thread as well.


                                    One quick question: What sort of anti-virus/anti-spyware/automated back-up tools might you be running on this system?  I've seen a similar (sort of - at least similar in the nature of the issue) in the past where someone had a registry protection tool that decided it did not like the Adobe activation scheme and would reset certain registry keys every morning breaking Audition.