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    Effect of changing permissions on existing ebook customers




      Perhaps this question has been asked before -- I couldn't see that it had.


      We are considering changing (widening) permissions on ebooks already in our store. What happens in the following scenario to Customer A?


      Day 1, Customer A buys an ebook from our store, downloads it to his computer, and reads it in Adobe Digital Editions. The ebook is limited to one device for one year.


      Day 2, we decide to widen permissions on the ebook to six devices with no expiry. We change the ebook's permissions via the ACS Console and update our store inventory with an updated XML catalogue (books.xml).


      Day 3, Customer A tries to read his ebook. Customer B buys the same ebook from our store, downloads it, and transfers it to a mobile device.


      Can Customer A open his ebook? Is his ebook still limited to one device for one year? Assuming yes and yes:


      Day 4, Customer A envies Customer B for having the ebook on a mobile device.


      Can Customer A delete his ebook from his computer, download the ebook again from our store, and get the same ebook with wider permissions?


      Note that the reference to ACS Console is not trivial: we have no capacity to interact with ACS other than through the Console.


      Any help/insight would be appreciated.




      Jim Lyons