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    Flatten/Assemble XDPs with Different orientations


      I was able to flatten XDPs into a single PDF successfully using the invokeDDX.


      The issue that I am facing now is while merging 4 forms together, if the 2nd or 3rd form happens to be in Landscape orientation, all rest of the forms also convert to the Landscape orientation. Also, when I try printing it, the Printer says the Printer Size did not match Paper type or something of that sort. Following was my DDX:



      <DDX xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/DDX/1.0/">

        <XDP result="MyXDPResult">

          <XDP source="sourceXDP1"/>

          <XDP source="sourceXDP2"/>

          <XDP source="sourceXDP3"/>

          <XDP source="sourceXDP4"/>


        <?ddx-source-hint name="sourceXDP1"?>

        <?ddx-source-hint name="sourceXDP2"?>

        <?ddx-source-hint name="sourceXDP3"?>



      How do I get forms with different orientations to assemble and print? Would appreciate any help in this regard.