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    Problem with buttons, actions, and MSOs


      Context: Creating a publication in InDesign with two buttons, each with one action for two MSOs.


      Essentially, I'm creating text pop-ups. For example, when Button 1 is pressed, the content in mso1 appears, and the content in mso2 goes blank.



           Go to next state (mso1)

           Go to state (mso2: blank)



           Go to next state (mso2)

           Go to state (mso1: blank)


      Button 2 is arranged higher than Button 1, and both of Button 2's actions work properly in Adobe Content Viewer. However, only the second action listed for Button 1 works properly. In Preview (within InDesign), both actions for both buttons work properly. The error occurs only within Adobe Content — both on the desktop and iPad.


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