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    Sorting Media




      Under the Organize tab, it looks like there are only two ways two sort your media: Newest First, or Oldest First.


      Is there any way to sort by name, or media type, etc.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The Organizer allows you to sort your video by date, name, metadata (including location the video was shot in), the folder structure on your hard drive, quality rating (one to five star), which project it's being used in, which media album you're storing it in and by people included in the video as well as any other keyword tags you apply to it.


          How would you like to sort it? Most likely there's a way to do it.


          I cover the Organizer and its functions in some detail in my books. My Photoshop Elements/Premiere Elements book spends three chapters on it and the multitude of tools included with it.


          What is it you'd like to do with it?

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            EthanT9999 Level 1

            Thanks Steve.


            My wife actually figured this out for me shortly after I posted my OP!


            I had to click on the project button to make all the options you mentioned available.  Now, I'm good to go.



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              EthanT9999 Level 1



              Im back using Adobe Premier after about a year, or so, off.


              Once again, I can't figure out how to sort my media by name.


              I reloacted this thread and still can't figure it out. 


              There is no project button in my Organizer from what I can tell.


              Can somebody help me?  I'm not sure why something so simple is this hard to accomplish.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                You can list the media in the Organizer by date.


                You can also group it my keyword tag (which can include people, places and face recognition), album or video project. You can also search for media using a variety of criteria. You can also set it to display only audio, video, stills and/or PDF files.


                You can not sort by media name.


                I have no idea why you're looking for a project button in Organizer.

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                  EthanT9999 Level 1

                  Hi Steve,


                  I did finally find a way to sort it by name.  It is the project button I mentioned above, but it is NOT within the organizer.  It's undet the Organize Tab though, at which point you can click on name.


                  Unfortuantely, the image icons are really small, and once you go back to media with the larger icons it loses the name sort.


                  hard to believe this isn't a more standard feature and easier to do.

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                    nealeh Level 5
                    • What version of PRE are you using?
                    • Are you asking about sorting in the Elements Organizer or in Premiere Elements?
                    • When you describe 'Project Button' do you mean the first of the big tabs (see below)?


                    If, as I suspect, you  are in Premiere Elements media tab then PRE10 offers three different thumbnail sizes. You may find similar if, as I suspect again, you are using an older version.







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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Neale makes a very good point. In versions 8, 9 and 10, the various tabs and panels are called Organize, Project, Media -- but given different names in each version of the program! This is why often the first thing we ask is which version of the program you're using.


                      In your case, we were further confused because you mentioned you were working "under the Organize tab", which can describe any of three separate workspaces -- and may have even described the Organizer rather than Premiere Elements. This is why we also often ask for screen captures of the workspace so we can be sure we're talking about the same work panel.


                      But glad we got it all sorted out.

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                        EthanT9999 Level 1

                        Yes, the naming conventions on the tabs, panels definitely threw me off. 


                        I'm on version 9, but I'll have to see if I don't have the thumbnail image sizes to choose from.  Maybe I'll get lucky.


                        Thanks for the help guys.  things are going much smoother again over here,