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    Flash Player on Mac OS X 10.7.3 Can NOT Play Frontierville


      Frontierville is a problem. First I will detail the hardward and software, then the problem:



      2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac

      2GB RAM


      Software & OS:

      Mac Os 10.7.3

      The entire system is up to date, including all browsers, as of March 28th 2012.

      Flash Player




      Frontierville prompts the user to grant permission to store data on the computer, but does not accept mouse input. Clicking these buttons does not produce a result. Permission has ALREADY been granted – allowed via the Flash Player System Settings Preference Pane, as detailed in previous threads.


      I have granted permission to YouTube.com and the Flash Player does gain access to the camera, and videos will play on the site.

      The only problem that remains is Frontierville, which you may know is accessed via Facebook.


      Other things that I have tried include:

      Reinstalling the Flash Player

      Checking for system updates (installing any remaining)

      Updating the browsers

      Rebooting (repeatedly)

      Deleting the browsers' caches via Flash Player Preference Pane and through each browser's own utility

      Cleaning the entire system's caches via Cache Out X.app and CCleaner.app





      On my Mac Pro – running Mac OS 10.6.8 and updated fully – Frontierville DOES work in every browser I attempt, as do the other sites.


      This problem remains unsolved and because the other threads from Apple and Adobe have not worked I have launched this thread. I would very much appreciate any advice.


      Thank you.