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    install_flashplayer11x64ax_gtbd_aih.exe  "cannot contact reliable source" error


      I am using Win 7 64 bit.  I am using a Dell precision T7500.  Trend anti-virus.


      I can download other programs from other sites at a normal rate.  When I try to download the installer on both IE9 and Firefox my xfer rate drops to 24kbs or lower.  Right now trying to download the subject exe I am at 1.65 kb/s.  I run the program and it asks me to update auto, don't or ask to update.  Then it tries to download adobe flash 11.  I have multiple adobe products and every single one of them takes milleniums to update (adobe Master collection CS5.5).  Trying to run this install application gives me the "cannot contact reliable source".  downloading a later version of adobe drops me to under 25 kb/s as well.  Been working on this issue for months now and my customer is getting frustrated and so am I.  Any thoughts?