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    Omissions/inconsistencies in CF10 new features guide?

    Ron.Stewart Community Member

      I've been working through the CF10 "new features guide" available at http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/coldfusion/10/cf10betafeatures.pdf to gather changes to my editor mode to support ACF10, and have found the following items that may be omissions from the guide (or perhaps are inconsistencies in some of the additions relative to CF9). I'm hoping someone from the Adobe team can comment on each of these as to whether the omissions in the documentation are intentional and correct or are in fact issues with the documentation:


      1. New attributes cacheID and cacheRegion present on cfquery but not on cfstoredproc

      2. New attribute fetchClientInfo present on cfinsert, cfquery, cfstoredproc but not on cfupdate

      3. Description of the cfchart tag's attributes list a new height attribute but not a corresponding width attribute (previous attributes chartHeight and chartWidth are both present)


      I'd be glad to file bug reports on these if these are in fact bugs.