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    I'm Stuck in 1999... What should I be coding in? HTML 5, HTML 4.1, ASP.NET?

    Christ-Guard Level 1

      Hey guys!

         I have been doing webdesign since I was in Junior High. I started off hard codding HTML in Notepad. SInce then I go in and out of webdesign for different people and non profits. I started useing DW in about 2004, and I have been coding in HTML 4.1 my whole adult life. I did not learn how to use CSS unitl about a year ago, and although my websites look great (I do all of my own graphic design) I know that they are built on a fragile backbone of nested tables and mixed tags (My pages jump betwen using <p> and <span> like it is nobodies bussiness) and I only recently (like yesterday) learned that the <center> tag is out of date.


      So my question is, how should I be coding my pages for maximume accessability while not being 13 years behind the crowd? Should I be coding in HTML 5? Does IE8 support it? What about ASP.net? I a not even sure what that is! Maybe something else? Or should I stick with HTML 4.1?


      Thanks for your help as always!