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    Live Stream Issues with FP 11.2

    77DenisMars Community Member

      We're seeing lots of bugs within the NetStream when connecting live streams and publishing/playing the stream via direct peer connections.


      Specifically when attaching a new Camera the receiving peer can no longer see the video stream. Also when toggling publish(bull) publish(streamName) from the publisher side and similarly toggling play(null) and play(streamName) from the subscriber side the streams don't play (render video) anymore even though i can see through the netwrok that the bytes are coming through.


      Along with this we seem to be getting new kinds of NetStatus errors ever since we started testing - "NetConnection.Call.BadVersion" was one we've seen but can't make any sense out of given we're using DIRECT peer to peer connections for the netstream classes.


      Lastly on general we're seeing lots of instability issues with on the h264settings applied to the nestream is this still in BETA? Instibility = crashing browser mostly when showing multiple video such as in a group video chat.


      Are any of you seeing this as well?