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    Exporting Audio with Closed Captions

    Leigh_Jackson Newcomer

      I have audio set up in a project with closed captions added and all the timing sorted. I want to resuse a lot of the audio in a different presentation. Is there a way to export the audio with the clsoed captions, or copy audio from one presentationto another?


      I can't seem to find one and don't want to have to redo all the closed captions everytime I resuse some audio.



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          Anjaneai Srivastava Champion

          Hi Leigh,


          Yes, you can export the Text Caption and Closed Captions -- File -- Export -- Text and Closed Captions.


          For the Audio, go to Library and Export the Audio from libbrary and you can into your new presentation and Import this Library and Simply Drag and Drop Library Audio to put it on a specific Slide.


          Similarly, you han import the exported captions.




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            Leigh_Jackson Newcomer

            HI, I tried this and created a word doc with the closed captions in it, but when I tried to import into the new project (File->Import->Text and closed captions) it went through the process but then said 0 items imported and no closed captions were added.



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              RodWard Mythic

              You can export audio files from a Captivate project, as either MP3 or WAV or both, and then reimport them into another project.


              You can export Closed Caption Text and Caption text from a Captivate project as a specially formatted MS Word document.  But this is really just for the purposes of translating the CC text and captions into another language so that you can then reimport the same document back into the original Captivate file to localise the content for the second language.  You won't be able to import this same document into any other Captivate project because all of the object IDs need to match the original file otherwise Captivate will not be able to see what to do with them on import.


              You can export an entire Capitvate project file as XML, in which will be buried your CC text and captions.  But this is not going to be much use to you if you were hoping to find an easy way of tranferring the text to a new file. 


              If all you want is to have the same audio and CC text in a different project file, it would be much easier just to copy/paste slides from one project to the other.


              There is no other way to keep the audio and it's related CC text together.

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                Leigh_Jackson Newcomer

                Thanks Rod. That is what I feared since I hadnot been able to find anything.

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                  Lilybiri Legend

                  Hi Leigh,


                  An alternative for exporting, importing the audio is to open the Library of the first project as an External Library. Whenever you drag some audio to your new project it will become part of its Library as well.


                  I'm using the export/import Word feature a lot because I have to localize several tutorials. But apparently you only want to re-use part of the captions (only the CC). Even then, isn't a document with the text easier to copy/paste then having to retype everything?


                  There is also an export/import to XML functionality.



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                    Leigh_Jackson Newcomer

                    Hi Lilybiri


                    Perfect, thanks. That does it exaclty

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                      mogul skier Newcomer

                      Having a document that keeps the closed caption text to copy/paste from is nice, but the timing of the CC text is directly relevant to the audio file.  It makes sense that Captivate wants to use standard .wav/.mp3 files for audio import, but don't they have a way to export the audio+cc text that can be re-imported into another project (or the same project) the preserves the CC text and CC timing? 



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                        RodWard Mythic

                        CC text is tied to the specific audio file.  The only way you can take the audio plus CC text timing to another project is to copy the entire slide over.

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                          mogul skier Newcomer

                          Oh.  You say that the audio is tied to the cc text, but it would seem that it is not when you export/import it.  Saving the slide doesn't help when I want to import the audio and distribute it over several slides.



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                            RodWard Mythic

                            The audio file and CC text are connected ("tied together") via the slide.  So copying or exporting\ the CC text will not automatically take along the audio file with it.  Neither will copying/exporting the audio file out of Captivate mean the CC text is also magically transported at the same time.  The only way to keep them all together is to copy/paste the entire slide.


                            Now, if your audio is distributed over several slides then copying and pasting just one slide isn't going to work because more than one slide is involved.  You would need to copy the entire group of slides over which the audio clip is spread.

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                              kevin_stagg Newcomer

                              I have a MP4 file which I had inserted into the .cptx, which I Close Captioned within Captivate 8. I don't see a way to export my CC from the course - why would this be? Is this only for independent mp3 files or wav placed on a timeline, and does not include video?



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                                RodWard Mythic

                                If you added the CC text to each slide in Captivate then you should be able to the File > Print option to get printable MS Word handouts.  You'll need to select the option before printing that allows the CC text to be placed under each slide. 

                                That's one way to get your CC text out.