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    Vectorising text in Indesign when exporting as .pdf


      Hello everyone !


      First of all sorry for my English and sorry if this isn't the right forum to ask this question. I don't know why but I can't create it in the indesign forum(which i think would be the best regarding my question)...


      So here is my "problem". I'm creating a new files with a special font(helvetica). The printer wants a .pdf file with the fonts vectorized. I understand the problem he might have if he doesnt have the typo.


      Till now I was allways using 3 files, the original one, a copy of it with the vectorized text and then I export the vectorized one as .pdf


      But Is there a way when exporting as .pdf to "vectorize all the text in this document" ? So I don't have to use 2 differents indesign files(normal one and vectorized one) which is getting really boring...


      I hope that you understood my problem and can help me out !



      Best regards,