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    Removing SumTotal Player via Captivate 5


      Hello all,


      We are implementing SumTotal TotalLMS 8.2 and using the system to host a large number (in the hundreds) of SCORM quiz modules created in Captivate 5.  The issue is that when we launch these quizzes they appear with a SumTotal-branded toolbar at the top.  When closing the quiz, only the exit button on this toolbar will successfully record the learner's score.  The Captivate navigation bar does not close the quiz and using the Windows 'X' results in data loss.


      We have been able to identify a workaround by manually editing the imsmanifest.xml file within the .zip file that we publish from Captivate.  I've seen that solution in other threads and SumTotal has pointed us in that direction too.  But just given the number of modules we have, this is a daunting solution at best.


      Does anyone know whether it is possible to edit a Captivate 5 template to add the needed code to the manifest at publish?  What about a custom add-in or widget?  Any help at this point would be great.