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    List customization




      I am creating simple bullet application where I want to start bullets from left edge of controller and Increase the gap between text and bullet. Is it possible in current version of TLF?


      Please help.




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          Gang Cai

          Pasted a code scrap. Hope it will be helpful




                                        var list:ListElement = new ListElement()

                                        list.listStyleType = "decimal";

                                        list.listStylePosition = "inside";

                                        list.paddingLeft = "0";


                                        var listMarkerFormat:ListMarkerFormat = new ListMarkerFormat();

                                        var tabStops:Array = new Array();

                                        var tabstop:TabStopFormat = new TabStopFormat();

                                        tabstop.position = 50;

                                        var tabstop2:TabStopFormat = new TabStopFormat();

                                        tabstop2.position = 80;



                                        listMarkerFormat.tabStops = tabStops;

                                        listMarkerFormat.beforeContent = "- ";

                                        listMarkerFormat.afterContent = String.fromCharCode(0x9);


                                        var item:ListItemElement;

                                        item = new ListItemElement();

                                        item.listMarkerFormat = listMarkerFormat;

                                        var paragraphElement:ParagraphElement = new ParagraphElement();

                                        var spanElement:SpanElement = new SpanElement();

                                        spanElement.text = "Text starts here";