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    Where can i print photobooks.

    ccm288 Level 1

      Im looking at doing a photo book. I have PSE 10.


      I cannot find companies that would print the Photo books. There are many companies like blurb or blacks cameras that have good programs on their own but I thought since I have PSE then I might as well use it rather than learning something all over again.


      Are there any companies like I have mentioned that you would upload the book to and then they would print it. It seems useless to me to start using th eprogram If I cant print anything from it proffessionally.



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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          The only options in Elements are Kodak and Shutterfly, geared mainly to the US market. I think books are so personal and you need to test one or two companies to ensure you are happy with the print quality and binding.


          Personally I prepare the images in Elements (sRGB at 300 ppi and the appropriate size) then upload using the downloaded software and built-in templates.


          I’ve tried a few firms in the UK and settled on the one I like. I’ve kept their software and uninstalled the other programs.


          The good thing is that they send me discount coupons from time to time so I always have a set of images pre-prepared to take advantage of the offers.



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            ccm288 Level 1

            Thanks for your help. It is sound advice.


            I wonder is the PSE software worth using and then sending off to Kodak or shutterfly and are their prices fair.

            Any body got any thoughts.