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    I can't post to forums! - Except this time, obvioulsy

    always frustrated

      I cannot get the website forums to work properly anymore. I have tried on four different computers including one from a different location entirely. I also created an entirely different identity and it still doesn't work. If I go to log in, it logs me in and shows my personal info, allows changes to my password, whatever.  During the entire time I am in forums the top of the page says “Welcome, always frustrated” (that’s my user name). When I go to a forum question I posted a couple of weeks ago, I can view it, but I cannot reply and a "reply" option does not appear anywhere. It does say “logon/register” but that link takes you to a page that never loads. The same thing happens if I try to start a new discussion. This has gone on for a couple of weeks. After numerous trys, I thought I would try again this morning. Some how I got through this time. Can anyone help? (by the way, I may not be able to reply to this since I might not be able to post again).