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    Transferring/Upgrading to Photoshop Elements 10 from PC to Mac - Problems with backup and restore


      I've been attempting to transfer my entire photo collection (WITH TAGS) to my new Mac to no avail.


      What I have done:


      Installed PSE10 on my new Mac.

      Successfully exported and imported my tags (created and transferred a .xml file) into PSE10 on my Mac.  (Perhaps this duplicates the next step I took writing tag info to files??)

      After using the File>Write Tag Info To Files command on my old PC (this took a considerable amount of time to write), I followed the instructions for backup of my photos.  This also took a considerable amount of time (10,000 photos).

      I now have a backup file on an external drive (10,000 files labeled B****.JPG, one Backup.tly file, and one My Catalog.buc file) ready to restore on my Mac.


      The problem:


      All attempts to restore the file from the external drive to my Mac have failed.  I have attempted to restore the file to a 'new location'. . .a folder on my C:\ drive.  Error message:  "The disk in drive does not contain a valid backup."  This error messages occurs regardless of whether the box "Restore original folder structure" is checked or not.


      I would appreciate any specific advice someone may be able to provide. . .thanks!