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    Saving .ico files from PE10?

    Nohjekim Level 1



      I downloaded and installed a copy of Photoshop Elements 10 to run in Windows 8, because it won't let me run my CS3 which is installed in Windows 7 unless I deregister it first.


      My problem is that after installing the pluggin when I try and save an Icon (.ico) file it always says "Could not save D:\...\Explorer "name of flile" .ico because of a disk error".


      I can save in any other format with no problem, the file is't too big I do this a lot in my other Photoshop installation.


      I also notice that when I open the save window I can not see the other .ico files in the folder, which I'm pretty sure I can when I open it with Photoshop CS3.


      Anyone have any idea what's going on here?


      Also are all pluggings created equal?


      I just downloaded this on from some place at random, is there a recommnended site to get these things.

      I tried to find a place to get it from Adobe but no luck when I searched their site.


      Is there an Adobe source for pluggins?


      Thanks for the help,



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          photodrawken Level 5

          You're at the mercy of the plugin's developer -- unless that developer can test and guarrantee that the plugin works with your version of PSE and Windows, you're out of luck.


          That Adobe plugin site you found is the only Adobe source, and even then, there's no guarrantee the plugin will work on your system.


          For working with icons, I use the IconoMaker specialized program:


          It's not free, but is a great tool for icons.



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            Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

            I've got an icon plugin that works in pse 10 ,but i haven't tried it on windows 8, so i'll post back with the results.

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              Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

              This one seems to work in win 8 with pse 10:




              Your allowed to have cs3 on two computers at the same time without deactivating the other.

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                Nohjekim Level 1



                That worked.


                I tried to install Photoshop and got a message that I thought was telling me that I had to deregester it first I didn't persue it because that was what I expected.

                Now that I have PE10 I guess I'll leave it in Windwos 8 and use it.


                Right now the things that are important for what I'm doing (mostly videos) are all working and I can always log into Windows 7 if I have to.

                I haven't evern tried to install Illustrator CS3 or Indesign CS4 should I be able to install those on two computers as well?


                I did't hae any problems installing Premiere Elements 10 that worked fine.



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                  Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                  You usually get the message about having deactivate if you already have cs3 installed on two computers.

                  Did you have cs3 installed on another computer before windows 7?


                  As far as i know all the adobe programs allow installation on two of you own computers at the same time.

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                    Nohjekim Level 1



                    Just recently I  had to restore my computer to it's original configuration.


                    At that time I reinstalled all the Adobe software and had to reauthorize it.

                    It was on the same computer but it's possible that it saw that as a second installation I suppose.


                    I did have some of this software installed on my previous computer, but officially removed  it when I moved it to my present computer.


                    I tried running the software from Windows 8 in it's original location as well, while most of my software, things like Poser, and even Premiere Elements 10 would run without being installed in 8, but my Adobe Graphics Arts software would not.


                    I have Photoshop Elements 10 installed now so I'll stick with it and give it to a friend when I go back to working in Windows 7.


                    By the way, I really like Windwos 8 now that I've figured out how to use it without the Start Page,

                    It's now a lot differet the Widows 7 but doess run faster on my computer and boot times are great, about 40 seconds on my computer with all my fonts and sofware installed.

                    And has some nice feature like the built in merge application when you copy and paste to a folder with common files.


                    Thanks for the help.



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                      Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                      I find windows 8 pretty good as well once you get past the metro stuff. (still metro is a lot better than that unity on some linux systems)

                      Although after almost twenty years of of having a start orb on the desktop i installed classicshell so the desktop looks complete.


                      If you want a version of photoshop on windows 8, you could try the cs6 beta, which is good for 60 days.



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                        Nohjekim Level 1

                        Thanks, I'll check it out.


                        I used a program called Start 8 for a while that makes a start orb, and lets you customize it.

                        I made of that looked like me and turned into Gandalf when you pointed at it.


                        But I finally decided to do everything within the paramaters of Windows 8 with no additional software.

                        The exception is that I use Rocket Dock which I use all the time anyway no matter what OS i'm running.


                        I figured out how to make my own start menu and an orb of sorts that links to it, all without using anything you can't do easily in W8.



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                          Nohjekim Level 1



                          Just came back to add this...


                          I installed Classic Shell in Windows 8 and it pretty much takes care of everything with one small program.


                          I've used it for years in Windows 7 and it works just as well in Windows 8 for anyone interested in getting around Metro.


                          I don't know why I didn't try it earlier except I've had problems installing other things designed to modify Windows 7 in Windows 8, but it does work fine.