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    Flash uninstaller - Strange activity

    Pierce Ewards




      I noticed some unusual behavior with the latest flash uninstaller, can someone explain please?



      I download the 32bit flash uninstaller for Windows.





      When I double-click the uninstaller, a confirmation window appears asking whether I want to run the file.


      I select run, then a 2nd confirmation window appears asking again if I want to run the file.


      When I select run this time, I get a UAC prompt asking if I want to continue.



      Why are there 2 request to run the uninstaller?



      If I select run for the first prompt, but cancel the second prompt, the UI for the flash player uninstaller still appears.


      I didn't go any further as this behavior was suspicious enough for me to stop. Instead I used a previously saved flash player uninstaller.



      I'm wondering what would that second run prompt have executed if I had let it run?