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    Bad upscaling and pixelation on YouTube.


      When I updated a couple days ago to Flash Player, I noticed that I had really bad pixelation on full screened youtube videos.


      (The picture is really big so I'm just going to post it with a link.) http://i.imgur.com/4Mt9v.jpg


      My monitor is 1920x1200, my brower is Chrome 18.0.1025.142 m and Firefox 11.0, I use both for reasons that I do not wish to go into.

      My graphics card is a Nvidia GTX 260, updated with the latest drivers as of 3 days ago (which there has been no update in the mean time).


      I've tried disabling Hardware Acceleration, and updating everything I can.  Therefor I've narrowed this down to Flash Player, or youtube, but I think it's Flash Player because It started happening right when I updated to 11.2.

      This is a very bad bug, and it's very annoying as I watch probably too much youtube videos.


      Thanks for your help, and just reply to this and I will answer as many questions as possible.