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    Freezing every hour on new update


      So I installed the new update today (for Windows 7 64-bit) and exactly every hour my computer would freeze (I have to reboot at that point).


      After many hours of trying to figure out the problem (scanning memory and hard disk, etc.) and looking at the event logs, I noticed that the adobe flash player update service runs exactly at the moments the computer freezes (at the 16 minute mark of every hour).


      I was able to resolve the freezing by going into the Task Scheduler and disabling the updater. (The task is "At 9:16 PM every day - After triggered, repeat every 1 hour for a duration of 1 day.")


      I don't mind having the service up (I set it to notify me of new updates when I updated flash) so I am just wondering why my computer freezes because of it.